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Welcome to Blue Collar StartUp, the podcast!
Our Mission is Simple: To facilitate the growth and development of Blue Collar businesses. We will showcase REAL Blue Collar businesses in interviews, and use these stories to help educate and empower the next generation of trades workers to become Blue Collar business owners.

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Derek Foster interview Terrence Musto and Robert Manasier - the creator of Fabbro Industries, and the business mentor that helped him do it! From a humble start building custom bikes to running his own professional fabrication shop, Terrence's business is a stunning example of the kind of value a business mentor like Robert can provide. Want to learn how to take that idea of yours to the next level? Listen to this episode to get a few clues!

00:00:15 - Introductions

00:02:13 - “Fix it in Post”? NO!

00:03:21 - Fabbro Industries: From Motorbikes to Machines

00:07:05 - The Demise of Apprenticeships

00:08:05 - What is a Fabricator?

00:11:14 - Riding Your Own Bike: Living the Dream

00:13:26 - Earning Approval: A Multi-Step Process

00:18:42 - Meeting Manasier: Taking the Motor Out of Motorbike

00:20:54 - Good ol’ New York State: Michael and his Cycles

00:22:01 - Building the Business: Outmaneuvering the Metrics

00:25:53 - Private Enterprise Beats the State Every Time!

00:29:28 - Blabbing About Beards

00:31:02 - The Incubator: Build Out that Beachhead!

00:35:42 - A Clear Pathway to Success: The Output DOES Matter!

00:37:29 - The Play Entrepreneur… You Need More Than Just an Idea! Be Coachable!

00:41:19 - Both Parties Need Accountability! Mike’s School Story

00:42:35 - A Structured Cohort: Alpacas vs. Llamas

00:45:38 - Bob’s First Business… Started at Age 13?! “But Do You Have a Job?”

00:47:14 - The Biggest Challenge: Predicting the Future, Planning for Failures

00:50:26 - Entering Production: There’s Lots of Factors You Haven’t Considered!

00:54:12 - Finding Highly-Skilled Employees Isn’t Easy!

00:55:10 - When Close Enough, Isn’t

00:56:48 - Mike the Ne’er-Do-Weld

00:57:39 - How to Get in Touch: And One Last Story

00:59:53 - Closing Remarks: Shoutout to MLB Construction!

01:00:31 - A Sneak Peek for Next Episode!



  • Interviewers

    Mike Nelson & Derek Foster

  • Guests

    Terrence Musto & Robert Manasier

  • Runtime

    1 Hour, 1 Minute, 13 Seconds

  • Air Date

    December 19th, 2023