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Episode 36: Jim Dawsey - Decades of Trials and Triumphs

Welcome to Blue Collar StartUp, the podcast!
Our Mission is Simple: To facilitate the growth and development of Blue Collar businesses. We will showcase REAL Blue Collar businesses in interviews, and use these stories to help educate and empower the next generation of trades workers to become Blue Collar business owners.

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson and visionary founder Derek Foster interview Jim Dawsey, the President of MLB Construction Services, LLC! Jim's come a long way in his life, from minimum-wage drudgery in a February rainstorm to running a premier multi-million dollar company! He learned no small amount of methods, strategies and secrets along the way... And if you listen to this episode, you just might learn a few for yourself!

00:15 - Blue Collar Insider: Learning from Mistakes

01:48 - The Show Begins

02:57 - An Introduction to Jim Dawsey and the World of Construction

05:13 - A History You Can Count On: Jim’s Journey

09:39 - Taking the Next Step

11:33 - The Role Sharpens: Finding the Niche

13:11 - Sawing for Saratoga, and Driving With No Hands

14:27 - Learning on the Job: Experts Have a Lot to Give!

15:26 - Transitions: One Successful, One Not

18:52 - My Old Man

20:05 - Take it from Jim: Relationships are EVERYTHING!

23:38 - What’s Hot and What’s Not

25:26 - Jim’s Biggest Challenge: Adapting to the Economy

27:59 - Don’t Fly Out of Albany for a While!

28:51 - Forecasting and Planning

30:56 - Jim’s Biggest Mistake: Working with a Developer

35:11 - Chloe Speaks! And the Secret to Jim’s Success

37:05 - The Next Ownership Team

38:26 - What Role Does College Play?

39:58 - A Day in the Life of Jim Dawsey… Starts at 4:00 AM!

41:27 - A Coffee Conversation

43:57 - Jim’s on Drums, Mike’s Son’s on Guitar… This Editor’s on Bass! The Blue Collar Band

45:31 - Jim’s Key Piece of Advice: Through the Ups and Downs, Never Lose Your Passion!

48:37 - How to Get in Touch: Social Media’s the Way!

49:26 - Closing Remarks: Thanks for the Gift Bags!



  • Interviewers

    Mike Nelson & Derek Foster

  • Guest

    Jim Dawsey

  • Runtime

    51 Minutes, 29 Seconds

  • Air Date

    August 14th, 2023