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Episode 28: Ivan Bell (IBS Septic & Drain)

Welcome to Blue Collar StartUp, the podcast!
Our Mission is Simple: To facilitate the growth and development of Blue Collar businesses. We will showcase REAL Blue Collar businesses in interviews, and use these stories to help educate and empower the next generation of trades workers to become Blue Collar business owners.

In this episode, our host Mike Nelson interviews Ivan Bell, the main man behind IBS Septic & Drain! He's got a lot to say about balancing home life and family life, giving 110%... And, most importantly, loving what you do!

00:15 - Introduction: The Rise of Ivan Bell

01:30 - Ivan’s Advice: Just Go Forward! Don’t Give Up and Carve Your Own Path!

02:42 - Seizing an Opportunity: Every Day is a (Fun) Battle!

04:09 - I Dig It, Man!

06:49 - Making the Change: From a One-Man Show to 20 Employees!

09:15 - Ivan’s Biggest Challenge: Balancing Work and Family

10:24 - The Family Business

12:52 - The Money Will Come

15:56 - When is it Time to Let Others Pick Up Some Slack?

18:24 - The Secret to Success: Love What You Do!

19:13 - Everything to Everyone… Great Album, But Not a Great Life Strategy!

22:54 - Shoutout to Warren Tire!

25:00 - Adversity Absolutely WILL Come! Be Ready!

26:39 - Respecting Your Employees is Important!

27:45 - Retirement? No Way!

29:48 - Say I’m the Man… What’s the Plan?

31:06 - Keep Your Heart in it… And Keep Going!

32:08 - Closing Remarks: How to Get in Touch



  • Interviewer

    Michael Nelson

  • Guest

    Ivan Bell

  • Runtime

    33 Minutes, 51 Seconds

  • Air Date

    May 8th, 2023