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Episode 47: Ownership vs. Management - Dimitri's Story

Welcome to Blue Collar StartUp, the podcast!
Our Mission is Simple: To facilitate the growth and development of Blue Collar businesses. We will showcase REAL Blue Collar businesses in interviews, and use these stories to help educate and empower the next generation of trades workers to become Blue Collar business owners.

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Derek Foster interview Dimitri Skrinik, the Project Manager at MODS National!

Dimitri's had an exciting journey, between emigrating from Moldova, leveraging internships into running his own blue collar business... And then leaving it to manage construction projects using shipping containers! Why did he choose Project Management over business ownership? What have his experiences taught him? Hear the answers, his story, and more here, in this episode!

00:15 - Where IS the Dirty South?

01:24 - An Introduction to Dimitri Skrinik

04:17 - Why Construction? Thanks, Dad

06:35 - Discipline: The Ups and Downs

09:04 - Purpose Through Religion

10:40 - The Wild West That is… Shipping Containers!

13:45 - That Start-Up Feeling

15:03 - Balancing Gigs: There’s Always a Solution!

16:39 - The Moldovan Advantage

18:20 - Get Out of Your Own Way!

20:14 - Controlled Chaos: The Drifting Method

22:22 - Dimitri’s Business: Taking (and Returning) the Reins

26:57 - Working with Family isn’t Easy!

27:59 - Owning a Business is Great… If You Can Handle It!

32:38 - Entrepreneurship Means Marketing & Salesmanship: No Matter the Business!

35:01 - There’s No Such Thing as an Accidental Cowboy: Horses are Scary, Man!

37:41 - Keep Getting Better: Dimitri’s FunHouse

40:05 - Dimitri’s Advice: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Enter the Trades!

41:15 - How to Get in Touch

42:03 - Closing Remarks



  • Interviewers

    Mike Nelson & Derek Foster

  • Guest

    Dimitri Skrinik

  • Runtime

    43 Minutes, 19 Seconds

  • Air Date

    January 15th, 2024