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Episode 18: Tom Brizzell (Custom Craft Builders)

Welcome to Blue Collar StartUp, the podcast!

Our Mission is Simple: To facilitate the growth and development of Blue Collar businesses. We will showcase REAL Blue Collar businesses in interviews, and use these stories to help educate and empower the next generation of trades workers to become Blue Collar business owners!

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Derek Foster interview Tom Brizzell, the main man behind Custom Craft Builders of Brunswick! They discuss Tom's zen-like approach towards his business, the challenges he faced starting both his business and his family in his twenties, and more in this in-depth episode!

Tom Brizzell - Custom Craft Builders LLC

00:16 - Introduction: Mike’s Crazy Cider

01:31 - A Brief History of Tom Brizzell and Custom Craft Builders

03:35 - A Learning Experience: A Mistake You Learn From is No Mistake!

06:16 - Starting in Your 20s… Talk About Stressful!

06:40 - Owning Your Own Business Does NOT Equal More Free Time (At Least at First)!

08:12 - Working After (or Before) Hours… The Perspective Change Can Make a World of Difference!

10:17 - Tom’s Biggest Mistake: Hiring Friends!

14:33 - The Big Challenge Today: The Economy, and Explaining it to Customers!

17:58 - The Secret to Tom’s Success… Going With the Flow!

19:23 - Succeeding Without Marketing… Your Work Must Be TOP NOTCH to Speak for Itself!

20:37 - Stacking Jobs: How Many is Too Many? It Depends on What Role You Play!

22:00 - Be the “Icing on the Cake”

24:15 - “Today is Going to Suck”: Prepare for Adversity!

26:01 - Work Ethic and the Shifting Expectations of Society

29:55 - From Working for Someone to Working for Yourself: A Difficult Transition!

32:23 - College is Good… If You Know Why You’re Going!

34:35 - Tom’s Routine: Strict Planning Works for Some, But Not Tom!

35:51 - Tom’s One Key Piece of Advice: Don’t Give Up!

36:40 - What Keeps Tom Going?.. Loving What He Does!

37:27 - Closing Remarks: How to Get in Touch



  • Interviewers

    Michael Nelson & Derek Foster

  • Guest

    Tom Brizzell

  • Runtime

    39 Minutes, 17 Seconds

  • Air Date

    October 25th, 2022