Episode 8: Bryan Berry (Color Code Painting)

Welcome to Blue Collar StartUp the podcast.    
Our Mission is Simple: To facilitate the growth and development of Blue Collar businesses. We will showcase REAL Blue Collar businesses in interviews, and use these stories to help educate and empower the next generation of trades workers to become Blue Collar business owners.   

In this episode, our hosts Mike Nelson and Derek Foster interview Bryan Berry from Color Code Painting! Bryan makes it clear for us that no amount of adversity is insurmountable as long as you're willing to put your nose to the grindstone and work towards your goals!

Bryan Berry - Color Code Painting

00:16 - Introduction
03:58 - Achieving the Balance: The Fine Line Between Complacency, and Valuing Yourself and Your Accomplishments
05:55 - Color Code Painting - From an Apprenticeship to an Award-Winning Business
11:57 - The Pivotal Moment: When it Was Time to Work For Himself Full-Time
17:02 - Bryan's Time in Prison: A Transformative Experience
25:11 - Your Biggest Obstacle in Business... Can Be Yourself!
30:36 - Commercial Break
31:00 - Bryan's Tips & Tricks: How to Keep Yourself (and Your Workers) Motivated
43:14 - Bryan's Secrets to Success!



  • Interviewers

    Michael Nelson & Derek Foster

  • Guest

    Bryan Berry

  • Runtime

    48 Minutes 36 Seconds

  • Air Date

    June 3rd, 2022

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